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5         The Table of All Prime Forms - Description

Please refer to the Appendix for a two-page table of all possible prime forms of Pitch Class Sets. This table is an indispensable aid for composers, since it is, essentially, a table of all possible types of chords. Not only does it contain all of the standard chords from tonal harmony such as triads (major, minor, diminished, and augmented) and seventh chords (dominant, major-minor sevenths, major-major sevenths, minor sevenths, etc.), but it also contains all chord types used by modern composers as well. Any chord which can be constructed using a 12-tone equal tempered scale is represented in the table.

5.1          The Columns of Data in the Table

For each prime form in the table, there are five columns of data:

5.2          The Layout of the PC Sets in the Table

5.3          Forte Names

5.4          Z-Related Sets


5.5          Other Comments on the Table

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