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Matrix and PC Set Tools - Stand Alone

Here are stand-alone versions of the JavaScript tools for analyzing 12-tone matrixes and pitch class sets. These tools still require a web browser, but they can be used entirely on your local computer without being connected to the internet.

Download and Installation

Click here to download a ZIP archive which contains the stand-alone analysis tools. You will need to use PKZip (or similar) to extract the tools from the compressed archive.

Do you have a Microsoft Windows computer? If so, click here to download a self-extracting archive which contains the tools. Once it is downloaded, just double-click on the "CompToolsSASEA.exe" executable to extract the tools from the archive.

Once you've downloaded the tools, you should end up with a "CompToolsSA" folder. Open up the folder and then double-click on the "index.html" file inside. This will launch the stand-alone version of the tools.

System Requirements

Basically, any system which can use the tools on-line can use the tools in stand-alone mode. This includes almost any version of Mac and Windows (and possibly Unix, though I've never tested it) and most browsers from Netscape 4.7/IE5 on up.